Historic Argyll coin cabinet from 19th century returns to Scotland

Argyll Coin Cabinet 19th centuryHistoric Argyll coin cabinet from 19th century returns home to Scotland, Masterpiece heads back to Scotland, joins Hunterian Museum collection. In the 18th century, a gentleman would keep coins and medals that he had secured on his “grand tour” of Europe in his library. 

Usually, these would be stored in a mahogany coin cabinet. While the majority of such cabinets would have been purely functional, some were known to be works of art in their own right. 

Known as the Argyll Cabinet, one fantastic example of coin cabinetry has now found its way home to Scotland. 

London dealer Thomas Heneage operates Thomas Heneage Art Books, which is based in Duke Street in the St. James’s area, a quick hop, skip and a jump from Christie’s. 

The firm may be relatively small, but it has a wide reach, with a presence at the world’s leading fairs for art, antiques and design including TEFAF Maastricht. Over the last year or so, Heneage had promotional material for a collection of seals and also a coin cabinet. 

The cabinet was supposedly made for George William Campbell (1768 to 1839) who became the Sixth Duke of Argyll in 1806. 

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